Nothing Left to Lose but Me:  Currently in revisions.

Seventeen-year-old Kara Delancey manages her OCD with a sense of humor and fiercely loyal friends, especially Riley Jenner. Kara’s been best friends with him since they cage fought in the same playpen. They share everything from an addiction to game shows to their own signature dance style (picture epileptic ninjas). Sure, Riley has buff biceps and sex-bait eyes. He's also the boy who ate her glue stick in preschool and barfed on her birthday cake in the third grade. They have a friendship that predates hormones and hotness—a bond that's stronger than their growing attraction to each other. Or so she thought.

When Kara's sister dies her junior year, her family falls apart and her disorder escalates into uncomfortable rituals and panic attacks she can’t control. Even her friends can’t help when her OCD goes manic: a fear of panic attacks drives her to quit the gymnastics team she loves; excessive double checking results in an ACT score that's so low, she couldn't get into college with a crowbar; and compulsions lead to a humiliating driver’s ed accident and a new nickname—Beware-A-Kara. When Kara’s anxiety ultimately causes her to sabotage her budding romance with Riley, she’s completely on her own. Now it’s up to Kara to fight her way back to normal before she loses something more—her life.